How do I start? Straight to the point…

Resignation has been made, the announcement has been given and everyone will know by next week.  I am moving to England!!!

This has been a dream of mine since childhood.  When I told my mum about my plan she literally squealed and told me I had been talking about this since I was 10 or so, she was also quite surprised that I was going ahead with it.  Moving to England! Wow… as much as I have dreamed it, I never thought I would go through with it.  It is pretty surreal really. The only thing I have planned is that my cousin is going to pick me up from Manchester airport and we’re going to their place in Keighley, Yorkshire.  I literally haven’t anything else organised after that point… HOWEVER… I have a penciled in plan of what I would like to do to start my adventures rolling.

Stay in Keighley for a week or so, get to know my family (there is a lot of them so I may have to get them to wear name tags for a while) and roam the streets my mum played in as a child.  I have always called Keighley my home away from home, funny thing to say about a place I have never been to.  From there I will make my way down to London for a couple of days, seeing some of the more important of the landmarks; catch up with friends and probably drink my weight in alcohol (I really hope I am joking about this one) .

London to Paris by train to see my best friend Lucas who I met while he was living in Auckland a few years back.  Again, see the more important of the landmarks in Paris and try not get too tongue tied with the language (lets be honest right now, I will definitely fail with my pitiful high school French, luckily I have a human translator).

After Paris I would like to go to Malta, but this is dependant on money, friends and everything else that goes with it.  Malta has been my obsession for the last few months and I really hope it lives up to my expectations haha.  From Malta I would fly to Rome, spend two days exploring the historically amazing city before starting a Topdeck tour which I will explain in a future post.

There is no where I don’t want to go in Europe, maybe a few countries I will avoid at the moment due to hostilities, but it is a goal to visit them all.  I also don’t want to pass through a country and not actually see it.  Hence why I am not choosing to do one of the many month long tours which are on offer.  This is a personal choice as I don’t feel you can truly say you have seen a country or city if you have only been there for a day.  They work for some, but I will be able to access these countries easily as I will have UK citizenship so not restricted with time limits.

I shall be posting more once I have some plans underway, but for now everything is all highlighted sections of my lonely planet guide and scribbled notes.  Some say this is the best way to start an OE, no plans and more freedom for spontaneity.  Until then, stay patient.  Not long to go now, 100 days to be exact.


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