Queenstown. It really is royal

Ahh Queenstown.  One of the most breathtakingly beautiful cities I have been to.  Every season has something to give, depending on why you travel, Summer; Autumn; Winter and Spring all pack the punches. I went to Queenstown in Spring, it was hot even then! 20 odd degrees, with a crisp breeze off the still snow capped mountains (aptly named The Remarkables).

We didn’t have much planned, neither of us are the adrenalin junky types which QT usually attracts.  First stop was a wine tasting company named The Winery right in the heart of the city.  This was a new concept of tastings, you’re given a glass and shown the dispenser.  You chose your own wine, and can serve yourself a taste, half or full glass. Roaring Meg Pinot Noir was the standout winner for me.  I do love a good Pinot! Afterwards, we had a quick outfit change and headed out for dinner.  Being my birthday we went to Finz which was right across the road from our hotel. Located right on the lake, it was a beautiful setting and dinner to match.  Of course to complete the night, we celebrated in town checking out the bars.  There is a good mix of backpacker bars to lounge style if you want a few quiets.  Our favourite was the Bunker

The following day, we went for a little walk.  Not knowing where we were going was quite fun.  We headed out around the beach and through to the gardens.  Photo opportunities here! Looking out across the lake to the mountain with no one around.  Next stop, Fergburger! Its an institution.  World famous burger joint with fresh homemade style bites! If you’re going to QT, you have to stop here.  No trip complete without devouring at least one.

On our last day, we checked out of the hotel, left our bags in reception and hiked up the hill to the Skyline Gondola.  What a perfect way to say goodbye to a wonderful little town.  The sweeping panoramic views from up here is incredible.  This is also the spot for luges, mountain biking and dining.  You could spend a whole day here, there were plenty of families which looked like they were doing just that.

Booo… time to grab a cab and head out to the airport.  Kicking and screaming I didn’t want to leave! How hard would it be to move here? Its easy to see why QT captures everyone’s hearts and keeps them.  The town is filled with travellers who aren’t quite ready to move on yet.  Its a must see for everyone.  Just go! See it for yourself.


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