Topdeck tour booked

I have booked my first European tour.  I don’t know how many of these I will be doing, I may only end up doing the one, or I might love the concept and ease and book many, either way in May I will be popping my tour cherry and doing the Eastern Pathways tour.

What does this trip contain? 21 days, 12 countries, camping, new friends and an amazing journey… hopefully.  I will be doing this as a solo traveller, the thought is quite daunting believe me… What if no one likes me? What if I am the only solo person on the trip? What if I hate camping and annoy everyone? I have to leave these fears behind and look at what I am discovering.


Greek islands


Croatia and the Plitvice Lakes







This is only the start, as I have said in another post, there isn’t anywhere I don’t want to go.  I don’t just have a bucket list, I have a bottomless pit.

If I continue to keep finding more places I want to go, I will be travelling constantly for the rest of my life… that’s not a problem at all to me.  That would be my dream!!

Its still hard to imagine that I will be doing this, the whole trip doesn’t seem real to me yet… even though the flights are paid for, my citizenship has been granted and my tour booked.  I think it is something I have wanted for so long, and now that its here I am still waiting to wake up.

Back to the tour, I will be starting in Rome.  Ahh Rome, this city is inspiring! How can something be so old?? Some of the most famous and oldest man made landmarks are here! Pinch me now! I will be going a couple of days before my tour begins, can’t go to Rome and not roam! The first month of my trip will be so jam packed its exciting! I can’t wait and my feet are itching to get there already.


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