Whitianga – complete with a cathedral

White sand, lush bush, natural springs, coastal walks.  What else could you ask for?

My cousin and I decided to go to Whitianga for a weekend trip.    Stocked with some classic road trip snacks, we made the little journey south. First stop was to our childhood playground that was Pauanui.  Coming here as an adult wakens the memories which have been dormant for years. I will post about Pauanui another time.

We jumped back in the car and set off back on the road taking in the sights of each little town we passed we made it to our destination.  The good thing about going to these places in the off season is you’re not joined with hordes of crowds.  Coromandel Peninsula is known for its warm weather year round, this is heaven.

We checked into our Oceans Resort apartment and made ourselves at home.. relax!!! Once darkness fell, we walked the short distance to The Lost Spring thermal pools.  Each pool is set into caves and range from large and family sized to small and intimate.  On site bar and restaurant, and waiters means you can order drinks and nibbles while bathing in natural spring waters.  Temperatures range from 32 – 40 degrees sourced from a underground spring.  Muscles were well relaxed.

The next day, we checked out of Oceans, and headed to the beach.  Being winter we didn’t go too far, but I can tell you now in summer its the perfect mix of calm and cool.  There is so much to do here, you will not be bored. Take the glass bottomed boat, go diving or snorkeling, or perhaps kayak around the bay.  Never a dull moment.

After having a small breakfast, we made our way to Cathedral Cove.  This natural rock formation created by years of erosion is incredible, but to get there prepare to walk.  We took what is possibly around a hundred or so photos each on the platform, this is where we needed a selfie stick. Thankfully a friendly American tourist offered to take photos of us.  Time to hit the track, seeing the sign which stated a 45 min walk we unconsciously decided to beat it.  Both with music in our ears, we powered to our destination making it in half the time… still stopping to capture moments of beauty.  The killer part were the steps, I was going to hate every movement the following day.

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart. Confucius”

We arrived, shoes off it was good to feel the sand between our toes. Absolutely stunning.  Every horrible step was worth it when I got to see this with my own eyes.  You may recognise the cove from the opening scene from one of the Chronicles of Narnia movies, Prince Caspian.  It was hard to fight the temptation to jump into the beautiful azure blue sea. I fell in love with my country again (this happens a lot).

Ugh, time to leave, we begrudgingly started on the path back to the car… albeit a little slower this time as we didn’t want to leave paradise.  We needed to admit to ourselves that it was time to go home… back to Auckland… back to reality.

Panoramic Beauty
A friendly traveller took our photo
A friendly traveller took our photo
View from the platform at the start
View from the platform at the start
Made it...
Made it…

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