Where it will begin… Manchester

Someone asked me recently,  “Why Manchester?”, well there are two answers, a long one and a short one.

The short answer

I just don’t want to live in London! Simple, easy and straight to the point. There, I said it, you can stop reading now if you want.

The long answer

Google tells me Manchester is the capital of the north. To me its everything I have been looking for. Electric, eclectic and creative.  It’s a main hub which helps with all the travelling I want to do, its historic which will cure some passions of mine, THE MUSIC IS INSANE, and its close to my family but still gives me independence.

Yes ok, so I know its not the safest of English cities, and no doubt I will be holding onto my bag with a tight grip for fear of someone grabbing it from me, but I should be doing that anyway,  I have just been spoilt with Auckland being so laid back.  There are also much worse cities in the world I could have chosen.   Nothing like throwing myself in the deep end and trying to swim right?

The music, well its a passion of mine, I can’t listen to silence and some of my favourite bands come from North England.  I will be trying to go to gigs as much as possible, good way to meet new friends right?

“Manchester has everything except a beach” – Ian Brown, The Stone Roses

You can fly to almost 260 destinations from Manchester, that is a hell of a lot of places I can go! In fact, I am flying into there, my ticket was booked before I even considered living in the city so maybe it was fate? Who knows, I just want to explore!

Finally, if I don’t like it, I can move on.  This is just the start of something, its not the final chapter.

Stay tuned for this little kiwi’s adventures. Just a few weeks to go


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