Travelling on a dual passport… My experience

I am lucky enough to have both NZ and British citizenship (thanks Mum), which means two passports, however there doesn’t tend to be too much information that I could find about how to use this to your fullest advantage. So here I go, this is what to do:

1. Booking your flight – make sure you use the passport you will ENTER with at your destination.  For instance, for me, it would be my UK passport as I am entering England as a British Citizen.

2. Checking into your flight – use the same passport as above which is advised to the airline.  The airline will then send this information to the immigration office at the destination airport.

3. Exit Immigration at home country  – make sure you use your home passport, in my case it was my NZ passport.  This is to ensure that you have been allowed to be in the city you’re leaving and to notify the government of your departure.  It is also imperative to leave on your home passport to ensure you don’t face problems on your return.

4. Boarding your flight – make sure you show the same passport you checked into your flight with. This is to make sure the details match from check in to gate.

5. Arriving at destination – use your UK passport, make sure you join the queue of UK/EU citizens.  Shorter wait times and faster processing.  Also avoids hassles since you will have problems if you joined the wrong queue.  The last thing you want after a 23 hour flight.

6. Time to leave?  – basically all of the above in reverse.  Book your flights using your NZ passport. Check into the flight on NZ, leave UK on British, arrive home on NZ and voila, no need to get a visa.

Now, if you had exited NZ on your British passport, you would have to use that same passport when coming back home.  This means, getting a returning visitor visa for your own country!! Silly right? Then don’t even make that mistake.  You must make sure you always enter and exit a country on the same passport.  So if you decide to go to Germany for a little trip but want to use your NZ passport for instance, you will have to leave UK on your British passport, enter Germany on your NZ one, then leave Germany on your NZ passport and enter UK on your British passport. Easy?? Yes!

If you have any questions, please ask away 🙂

Happy travelling


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