London Calling!!

We headed down for a trip to London for a day and night. The excitement was high! It’s London!!! My cousins friend was launching his first book so it was a very special moment.

We caught the train from Leeds to kings cross station, speeding through the English country side seeing old farm houses and fields. England looks a lot like parts of new Zealand… we just don’t have the age of the small towns dotted between farms. He journey was about 3 hours but didn’t feel like it. A flight to Australia is boring, the train was much more interesting!
Arriving at kings cross was fun… ready to begin our London adventure!!

Off to the hotel… now to master the tube system! My fear was we’d annoy commuters or get pick pocketed… or get lost and end up in the complete wrong direction, but Tom managed to get us around safely and quickly. Arrived at Angel station and a short walk to the hotel… the Hilton Islington!! Pretty fancy! Quick check in and drop off bags, we were back navigating our way underground like pros. Off to the O2 arena to see the Elvis exhibition. We were impressed. They had quite a lot of the memorabilia from Graceland including his famous Cadillac, jumpsuits and jewellery. I admit I didn’t know much about Elvis but I do now!!

After a bite to eat, we went back to the hotel to get ready for he night out. Walked to the bar, it was packed! We squeezed our way through the crowd… all these people to see Ben! Some very proud friends and family. Everyone was nice to me and I didn’t feel like the strange outsider with the weird accent haha. I was very impressed with myself, managed to stay awake until midnight, I think I conquered jetlag in a day!!!

The next day, we had breakfast (my first real full English breakfast with everything… except black pudding haha). Checked out the map and tube guide, we made plans to see as much as we could before our train back to Leeds.

First stop, Westminster, Big Ben and Parliament house. I got trigger happy with my camera and took a lot of pics. Short walk along the Thames to see the London eye for more photo opportunities.
We then headed along Westminster bridge before we realised we were going into the wrong direction haha. Turned around and set off… Buckingham Palace here we come!!

We walked The Mall and happened to pass a marching band about to start. No one was around and we were able to film the whole show. I think they were practicing but it was impressive none the least!!  Half of london was waiting at the gates and part of the road was cordoned off, someone was leaving or arriving at the palace!! Alas, it was raining and we couldn’t wait around to see who it was, plus we were all holding our bags from the hotel. Still, we managed to see Buckingham!! The Queen was in residence also, as the flag was up.

Back at Kings Cross, we waited for our train. Such a nice little trip to London, I think we saw quite a bit in the short time we were there.  We accomplished a lot, mastered the terrifying underground, hordes of people and rabbit warren streets.

London, I will be back again to see more! I’m not done with you yet.

2015-05-11 11.12.42

2015-05-11 11.10.16

2015-05-11 11.11.02

2015-05-11 11.12.10


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