Sieging a castle

The other day I visited my first castle!
As we drove into the historic village of Skipton I instantly knew I was in for a treat! Little did I know that I would be walking through a castle older than anything I had seen before.

Skipton castle was originally built in the 1000’s… what!! It was then renovated again in 1300’s to look more or less what it is like today. What a historic treat!
We followed the self walking guide into rooms which were once roamed by the rich and famous of our past. A banquet hall, a lord’s day room and dungeon… yes! A dungeon.
Mary, Queen of Scots was supposedly kept prisoner here, I doubt it was in the small cramped dark room deep under the castle floors. One plaque mentioned that the longest anyone was held was 3 months. It would have been the most miserable 3 months anyone would want to endure… keeping in mind this was during the time of torture! No tv and cell phones for good behavior here!
This castle had two kitchens, one old and one “new”. The new kitchen was used from 1680 to 1900! Meals cooked no doubt fit for a king!
Next to the kitchen was the wine and beer cellars.  The wine rack was to die for! Wine was reserved for nobility and when King Edward the first stayed here in the castle in the 13th century he would have sipped a fare few glasses of wine from these exact rooms!

During the Civil War, Skipton Castle was under siege for 3 years before surrendering. It must have been terrifying not knowing if the enemies would get through the massively thick stone walls. They shot cannons back and forth trying to break down the barriers, oh how loud that would have been.

Lady Anne Clifford was the last member of the Clifford family to remain in the Castle, she ordered repairs to be made after the Civil War and rumour has it she planted the Yew tree in the courtyard which can be still seen today.

Skipton Castle, Courtyard
Skipton Castle, Courtyard
View from a window out back of Castle.
View from a window out back of Castle.
Sitting on the royal loo, it was a bit drafty!
Sitting on the royal loo, it was a bit drafty!
Inside the Banquet Room
Inside the Banquet Room

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