O Solo Mio!

I’m on my own! First stop… Manchester, England!

I stayed here before Italy as i had an early flight in the morning so rather than get up early and inconvenience my cousin, I thought best to stay overnight.

First of all, I caught a train from Leeds to Manchester, that went well. Then I found the hostel and checked in. That went well. I needed to buy a sleeping bag and a couple of things for my trip so I Google mapped where I needed to go and set off… that didn’t go well. I took the wrong turn and ended up walking to town the long way, ended up in a pretty sketchy looking place but reassured myself that nothing was going to happen. I found a crowd of people and followed where they were going, I really hope this isn’t an impromptu parade of misfits! Found the store woohoo! I guess there are some times when following a crowd is a good thing? On my way back to the hostel, realised how ridiculously close I was. If I hadn’t made that wrong turn I would have saved about half an hour! But I wouldn’t have seen the city right?

So back at the hostel, my room is decent enough, it’s a room, there’s a bed (or 4) I can do this!!! I head off to the common room. It’s empty! Realised the time, dinner! Kitchen was also empty so I guess no one cooks! I went for a wander and found a fish and chip shop which you can dine in. Oops, that was a mistake! New Zealand is a small country surrounded by water, we’re known for fresh fish and chips. Even the local Chinese takeaways does a pretty decent one. Since being in England I’ve been treated to some good f&cs! However this time wasn’t the case. It was dry and just tasted like oil, no matter how much vinegar and lemon I doused it with.
Anyway, back at the hostel and finally there are people. I was sitting quiet in the common room and then a guy from south London asked if I was happy with the channel. He heard my accent when I answered and got talking. He was interested in traveling spontaneously so I told him about the sky scanner app. He hadn’t heard of it so I think he might be a new fan.

Time for bed, I had to wake up at 5am to get my flight in the morning. Problem is, I got no sleep what so ever! Others kept walking in and out of the room, loudly talking. Then once they were ready to sleep they instantly started snoring. One guy, I kid you not, sounded like they could strap him to a ship and he can warn others during a fog storm!

After a night of no sleep, I decided to get up at 4 and slowly get ready to go to the airport. Actually glad I did because it was insanely busy! Caught myself an Uber and off on my way out of rainy england to sunny Italy!

I will keep you posted!


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