Sweet Sorrento

I checked out of my Napoli hostel (stayed at Naples Pizza Hostel) however needed to find cash to settle the bill. They didn’t tell me on check in that I needed to do this but no problem. Off I walked to find an ATM, there were none nearby so that was fun. I’m glad I felt more confident walking around though as I was all by myself.

Rebeca was going to come with me to Sorrento for the day. We headed to the train station to catch the circumvesuvia which is a circle train (It is also the best way to get to Pompeii) and usually only used by commuters, €3.60 ticket to paradise!
An italian gypsy family were playing music for money, much like busking, on the train and send their kids out with a cup to get spare change. This kind of begging is way better. I saw a lot of lazy beggers in Napoli sitting on the road shaking their cup for money. Poverty is everywhere. Problem is, these ones are dangerous and will rob you of all your belongings.

We arrived into Sorrento and walked for about 10 -15 minutes to the hostel. When we arrived I questioned if it’s really the place I needed to be? Surely this couldn’t be it? It was a hotel! The lovely man on reception assured me I was at the right property. Checked in and given maps for the area. He walked me to my room, passing a delicious looking pool, carrying my heavy backpack for me as he could tell I had struggled.
My room was definitely a dorm room but it was clean, tidy and quiet!

Dropped off my bags and went to meet Rebeca who was patiently waiting for me. We checked out the town. Now, if you’re geography is a bit off you may not realise that Romania is land locked. She very rarely sees the sea! She was in heaven! Considering I was silently squealing at the sight of the ocean I can only imagine how she felt. I had missed that view!

The town of Sorrento is more like a resort town, attracting English, American tourists wanting a cheaper alternative to Capri while there are no actual beaches with sand, it doesn’t matter. It’s a laid back town smelling sweetly of citrus trees and jasmine. I didn’t mind that the town was filled with tourists hoping to get an early summet tan, I was tired of speaking broken English already haha. We wandered around in the old town of Centro storico, not as busy and authenticly italian as Napoli was but still just as delightful, cute narrow streets lined with shops, cafes, churches and restaurants.
Was time to say goodbye to my wee friend and go back to the hostel. Hugged and promises to keep in touch I walked the coastal route back. Now I was on my own again but stress free and looking forward to a day of relaxing.
I sat by the pool, glass of delicious red wine in hand. Ahhhh!  I could get used to this.
I met some couples staying in the hotel side, we got talking and had quite a few more vinos to wind down the night. This was the first time I had drunk in Europe.

The following day, I decided to have a free day and do nothing, it had been an emotional Rollercoaster the last couple of days and I needed a rest. I sat by the pool and worked on my tan. No way was I going to be pasty white this summer. By 10am it was already hot!!!
The sun in Europe is different to NZ sun. I was able to lie for hours and didn’t get burnt like I would after 15 mins back home. Having Solar Dermatitis isn’t fun so I was still a bit cautious but lathered with sunblock I was fine. Bit red but woke up the next day with a tan.
I had a new roommate today, a lovely Canadian girl named Tasha who was also backpacking Europe on her own. We got talking and had lots of laughs. Agreed to go out for dinner that night. Set off with the intention to find a cheap authentic restaurant. After a few places we found a nice little place down a side street. Michelin star certificates plastered on the door, what was the luck! Zintonios
We had the most amazing pizzas and red wine.  The waiters took a shining to us and loaded us with free Limoncello (6 all up). Turns out it’s custom in Sorrento to have a complimentary shot… not 6 so we were very lucky!
After finally receiving the bill we were pleasantly surprised that it was only €26 in total. Whaaat! How can that be? A cheap Michelin star restaurant is unheard of! We wanted to find a bar to keep drinking but being a Sunday night everything was closing. We stopped two italian men who said they would take us to a bar (sorry mum). Alarm bells went off but they assured us they were not going to kidnap us. We went for a drive around but nothing was open so they dropped us home. Italian men aren’t as bad as I thought. No wonder girls swoon for them.

My last full day in Sorrento, Tasha and I wanted to go to Amalfi. The same guy on reception who checked me in sent us off with directions to the bus. €8 public bus takes you to the coast. You can use the ticket as much as you like in 24 hours hopping on and off wherever you please. Much cheaper than the tourist focused sightseeing buses which go to the same places. Only difference between our bus and theirs is a commentary service. Pfft not hard to look out the window and figure out where we were. Didn’t need to be told anything.
The drive out to Amalfi is windy and very narrow roads. Close to the side of the cliff there was a few close calls. However we had all our faith in the driver who was a pro at navigating around the bends avoiding cars and scooters along the way.
Stunning coast line of shimmering blue water fringed by houses stacked jigh and clinging on to the vertiginous cliffs. It was postcard perfect. So beautiful and worth the journey just to see the town. Unfortunately though, it was windy and cloudy. We wanted to sit on the beach. Why did the weather have to turn bad? We spent maybe an hour or so there and went back on the bus. Sorry Amalfi but you were too cold.
We made a run for the bus and got on juat in time. Not early enough to get a seat though.

Arrived back in Sorrento, we showered and got ready for dinner. Two new room mates, this time Paul from New York, and Jack from Manchester. Both having just finished university in Europe. We all went out for dinner. Paul knew the streets so took us to a family run restaurant which was cheap and cheerful. Not Michelin star worthy but still just as nice.
After he took us to a gelateria for limoncello gelato. Mmm heaven! Limoncello is a Sorrento specialty stores selling the delicious citric liqueur and other wares.

Sadly, I had to check out. I didn’t want to leave Sorrento. It was so beautiful. That’s not what travelling is about though is it. You can’t just stop at one place and not see the next.
I will be going back to Sorrento for sure. It’s perfect for a short break from the madness of city living.
I highly recommend theFlorida hotel and hostel. €18 a night for a dorm room but hotel facilities.
If you go, make sure you make use of the SITA bus and see the coast. Go to Positano (I missed it but have only heard good things) as well as Amalfi.
Hunt down a good restaurant, if you find Zintonio’s make sure you have a meal.
Drink the Limoncello, as long as it’s cold it’s delicious.
You will have a good time.

Ciao for now, next stop is Rome!

Amalfi beach
View from look out point in sorrento
Stunning sorrento
Sunset over sorrento
The most amazing pizza from Zintonios
Late night streets of sorrento

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