Rome – Part 2

Day 3, I woke early and attempted to get up, it wasn’t going to happen quickly haha. Having a room mate means respecting them and trying not to wake them up. However about half about later her alarm went off anyway.

I was going to explore today, no agenda except to just see Rome.
I caught the usual bus to the metro A, then got off at Spagna. I wanted to see Villa Medici,  home of the murderous family who pretty much said what was to happen around here.
Got off the train and up the stairs. Still in no rush I sat down at a Piazza. A singer wad just setting up his busking post, and wow! I’ve heard opera before but only played from a CD. He was incredible. Considering he just had a backing track, mic and his voice he was simply amazing! Bought me to tears and I am not ashamed of it! Made me appreciate opera singers and how they carry their voice. You could feel it.

I would have sat there all day and got a free show (actually did bung about €4 into his hat) but I had exploring to do. I asked directions from a street vendor who told me to go up the Spanish steps and it was at the top. Pfft yeah of course I knew I was at the steps. Spanga duh! I really surprise myself at my vagueness sometimes.
Up I walked, dodging American tourists and mid morning sun catchers. Really not that big a deal if I am to be honest. They’re just marble steps. And not that many of them either haha.
I saw the villa but it was being renovated (ugh) so I turned right and walked down a road stopping for gelato of course! This time I had dark chocolate, strawberry mousse and Nutella. Mmm the three flavours were devine. I sat in Piazza Barberini to people watch and enjoy my cold gelato.
I then walked up a few streets aiming to get lost and discover something incredible. I was in luck. I stumbled what I now know is Galoppatoio. A city garden with paths going off in all directions. There were hardly any tourists around which was great. it was peaceful and beautiful. Every so often there was a fountain or marble statue, but mostly it was serenity!

I spend a good hour and a half (maybe more) wandering around, thinking to myself and reflecting on what I am doing. I have to constantly pinch myself that I am in italy, alone, and loving it! Nothing I thought I would ever do. I spoke to my dad this morning who told me he was so proud of me for doing this. He knows I’m going to be just fine here.

After I left the gardens I found a lookout right on the edge. From here you can see the dome of San Petro Basilica!
I kept walking and ended up at the Spanish steps again. Not wanting to attempt all those afternoon tourists I took a shortcut to the metro line, checking my map I wanted to get off at Repubblica to see another Piazza  (haha more piazzas than pizzas) plus I was dying for a drink and didn’t want to pay loads.
After looking around and having a rest (my legs were aching) I spied the Basilica di Santa Maria delgi Angeli e dei Martiri  (Basilica of St. Mary of the Angels and the Martyrs for those who don’t speak latin). I wanted to go in since it’s the first time I’ve seen something similar to my name. However no shorts allowed. I had a quick peak to see if it’s worthy of a visit when I’m appropriately dressed and it’s a yes from me.

By this time I am tired, hot and hungry. I caught the metro back to my stop to wait for the bus. Felt the early signs of a heat exhaustion I nipped into maccas so I could sit down in some air con. I hadn’t eaten anything since my gelato so I grabbed some fries, bad idea! They were terrible! Dry, disgusting potato sticks attempting to be fries. I just had to use ice to cool down and stop feeling like the world was spinning around me. I didn’t care what anyone thought. I’ll never see them again haha. Ugh sometimes I really hate the summer.
I recovered and caught my bus home. Another amazibg day in Rome!

I highly recommend to anyone visiting that they take a day to explore. This can be in any city but do it. You see so much more than the overhyped tourist sites. You can tell your friends you discovered more that what the guide books tell you to see. You can people watch! Always a fav. Just make sure in summer you drink plenty of water and eat. Don’t make my mistake.

Ciao for now xox

<img title="2015-05-28 15.50.54.jpg" class="alignnone size-full" alt="image" src=""

The hordes of people at the Spanish steps
Lines of miniature 3 wheel trucks
Spying st Peters basilica through the trees

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