3 days sailing in Greece. Opa!!!

We were packed up and ready to go, some sore heads in the morning after our wee shindig in Rome but I’m sure majority of the group are pros at this.

We drove from Rome to Bari to meet the ferry, unfortunately for us the ferry was running on “Greek time” and late to arrive at port. Once we were on board however we scattered off around the ship to find our cabins and settle in.
A couple of us decided to explore, we had a few floors to discover. This wasn’t any old ferry like we imagined.  It was a full on ship!

That night we had dinner on board and some of us had a couple of drinks. I bought a €9 Kahlua and decided it was too expensive to continue so went to sleep.

The next day we arrived in Greece. GREECE! The excitement was high as we knew we would receive our own yachts and sail today. After a short drive to the marina in Plataria we were shown to our floating homes and given a brief overview of the rules etc then we all set off in a floating convoy. Boys all wearing captain hats just to make it more authentic.
We motored around the coast for approximately 1 hour then arrived in a beautiful bay for dinner and drinks. We all let loose, excitement was high having just had a taste of what was to follow with sailing. Unfortunately for a couple of us including myself, we got a stomach bug and didn’t enjoy the next day so much. Still we trooped on, out on the water and doing quick stops to swim in the deep Mediterranean ocean (as you do).
Our yacht, Olympia, was in the lead of our imaginary race (boys will always be boys) we even out sailed the flotilla leader, which meant… we were first to see a pod of dolphins!! They were playing in the deep water and loved to show off to us, until they saw the other yachts and changed their audience. These were almost black dolphins and nothing like I’ve seen before. So magical!

That night we arrived on the island of Corfu and headed into a restaurant for dinner and a Greek dancing lesson afterwards. Opa!
I still wasn’t feeling the best but everyone I spoke to who ate had throughly enjoyed their meals. Then island is known for their seafood and is a fisherman’s port so everything is fresh.
Then after dinner, was the dancing, greek style. First slow the sped up and turned into the style we’ve probably all seen on TV etc.

Our last day sailing, we woke early and headed out to open waters, killed the motor and it was peaceful. Now I know why my parents sail as often as they do, and I think I might have to start taking up their invitations to go out when I head home to nz. Nothing but water and islands surrounding you. Sadly today we didn’t see our dolphin friends. We stopped in a bay for a swim around the rocks and in the clear lapis blue water and a island with jet skis and parasailing. Pretty epic really.

We docked back at the original location of Plataria and headed out for dinner again. The stomach bug continued so again it was salad and bread for me but I persevered and had a good night getting to know my tour group more. A mixture of Kiwis, Aussies and Canadians ranging from 18 to 30ish. Age doesn’t matter when you all have the same outlook on life which we did. 

An early start of 7am to scrub the boat and unpack from our sailing adventure. Today we were to drive to Albania. Goodbye Greece, what a beautiful country I wish I could have eaten more of the local food but I know I will be going back so I can see more of the mainland. Who doesn’t want to see Athens right?

Sunset from the ferry on our way to Greece
Our yacht -Olympia
First dinner stop in Plataria
Soaking up the rays

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