Croatia -Dubrovnik (Kings Landing)

After a well deserved rest in Albania we woke early for our drive to Croatia.
We made a short stop just outside the boarder and were instantly bombarded by a family begging for money. I had seen them coming from the bus so only took €2 with me so I hopefully didn’t have a problem. I wanted to buy a postcard and ice cream (don’t judge me for eating it at 10am it was unbelievably hot). They stood at the door as we were coming off the bus with hands out and the mother pointing at her child. They all had bleached blonde hair and nice clothes so they were doing a terrible job at looking poor.
This was the worst I’d seen anyone beg my whole trip in Europe so far. Some hitting me and pointing at their mouths, not a nice experience at all.
Needless to say we were all happy to get back on the bus to forget about it.
Passed through the boarder and into Montenegro! Our second country for the day.

Had a fair bit to drive through some pretty skeptical looking roads and arrived for lunch in the beautiful city of Budva in Montenegro. It’s very easy to see why this is becoming an up and coming destination. White pebbled beaches, crystal clear water and a wicked coastline. I’d love to go back and explore this town plus the rest of the country to see what else there is out there. Such beauty needs to be seen.

We jumped back on the bus all gagging for the air con (it’s very hot this time of the year).  Time to set off on the road again.
Passing through coastal tunnels through cliff sides, occasional glimpses of the ocean through the gaps we arrived at a ferry port so we can cross over (rather than drive along a windy road).
We passed through our third country for the day, blink and you’ll miss it Bosnia.
I’ve wanted to go visit Bosnia for a while now and for the tiny part I saw I’ll love to see it more.

Finally arrived in Croatia. Our fourth and final country for the day. Driving into Dubrovnik, we had a lot of excited Game of Thrones fans on board who could hardly contain themselves, I admit I was even excited and I’m not am avid follower at all. Maybe I should start watching it again when I’m back.
Amanda (our guide) pointed out the sights from up high.

Later after setting up camp we met with Sonja, a Dubrovnik local who took us on a walking tour of the old city. She showed us the cathedrals that the Italian’s built during their rule and other interesting facts during the years of occupation from a variety of nations. What was heart wretching was the bullet holes and damage during a very recent war against Serbia. Being a New Zealander war has been very far from my life, most recent for me is WW2 however this is war during our lifetime. When I think back on my own childhood, I wish I could give just part of that to the children who grew up in these countries to take away some of the vicious memories they must have. Memories no child should have to endure.

After the walking tour ended we headed out to a couple of bars for a wind down, Dubrovnik really knows how to party!





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