Budapest -My hidden treasure chest

We arrived in Budapest in one of the most intense lightening storms I’ve ever seen. I’ve seen rain, but not matched with thunder so loud it shakes your room (yes we upgraded to a cabin since there was no way I was sleeping in a tent) and fork lightening so bright it lights up the sky. Needless to say it was pretty terrifying especially when we were surrounded by trees.

The next morning the clouds had cleared and no signs of the previous nights storm. Talk about changeable weather. Predicted day of 32 degrees and no clouds. Phew it would be hot!
I set off early with a couple of others from the tour and we caught the train into the city. At 9.30 in the morning it was stinking hot and I needed a cold drink, again I didn’t mind paying top dollar (or Florent) for a bottle of water AND a can of sprite. We continued to walk and headed over the chain bridge from Buda to Pest (yes they’re two different cities) and checked out the sites. First stop was the St Stephens Cathedral. They have an actual mummified hand from the saint himself however that’s not the only thing to see here. The walls are gilded gold and a magnificent organ displayed which is in use during church services.

Next we decided to head to the Terror House, after a quick bite to eat. I had the most delicious sushi in months.
OK so I hadn’t had sushi in months but even still, it was so good!
The Terror House was incredibly sad. Words can’t describe how I felt there. This sort of history should never repeat itself. I think everyone needs to visit to ensure it doesn’t happen.

After the Terror from the museum was done, we walked along to Heroes Square and took a few pics of Hungarian Hero’s unfortunately so was another 4 or 5 bus loads of people so it was crowded. We continued along to find some shade, it was really hot!!

After a short break we walked to the famous Budapest Markets at the Central Market Hall. It didn’t look like it was far but it really was quite a distance. Budapest is huge and we didn’t quite estimate it haha. Got to the markets with about half an hour to spare. Some stalls were packing up but we managed to have a quick look around. If you are looking for authentic souvenirs to take home this is the best place to go. They are locals peddling their own goods. No cheaply made tacky junk items here that’s for sure.

After the markets I went to dinner, now Hungarians aren’t known for eating any vegetables so shy was in surprised that the chicken dish I ordered literally came with chicken and chips. No salad? No Seasonal Veges? I felt like I was cheating myself.
We decided then made the decision not to walk all the way home, instead we caught the tram and walked along the Margaret Bridge.
What a day, we walked over 28 kms in total and felt every step of it. Time for a much deserved early night






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