Tick this off your bucketlist Plitvice Lakes -Croatia

We set off early for the long drive up the country to northern Croatia.
Driving through barren desert looking farmland with nothing growing on the sun scorched fields as it was far too hot. What do people do with all this land?

We arrived for lunch at Zadar, what a beautiful town. The mix of ancient and modern is done well, and their relaxed attitude towards the Roman ruins meant we could enjoy them at our own pace. Walking around the streets and then all of a sudden emerges a stone structure which was built centuries ago. You’re able to sit, touch and play around the artifacts.
We saw the world’s first sea organ. Made into concrete steps on the boardwalk  are circle holes drilled down. Looking at them you could be forgiven for thinking they were intended to hold fishing rods or umbrellas, however under the steps is a genius design which is similar to a church organ except when waves flow through each plays a different note. Which means technically we can hear the music of the ocean while enjoying the view of the azure blue water.

Moving on, my friend Andrea told me if I don’t do anything else in Croatia, I was to make sure I went to the Plitvice Lakes. Ok Andrea you set the bar high haha. I Google imaged searched and was obsessed. Surely this was photoshopped! The lakes were going to be my highlight. They were the drawcard for choosing this tour over a multitude of others.
We arrived at a nice campsite which had plenty of space for us to all spread out. Picked our site and setup the tent.

The following day we were all dressed to do some serious walking.  There were talks of bears which are free in the camp. Luckily we had a few Canadians who advised what to do should we come across one.
Set with a terrible attempt of a map we scattered around the park on our chosen tracks. I took one of the easier options as I was still a bit weak from my sickness plus my hayfever decided today was the day it would flare up with all its might.
We had a few hours until the bus was coming back to get us so we took it slow.

As soon as you arrive in the park you’re immediately hit with beauty. Water so clear you could see every living creature in it. Peace and quiet for miles only the sound of nature and the hum of a few tourists talking. They say that the water changes colour depending on the organisms living it in. Sometimes blue, green or white hued so it was nice to see all shades as we wandered around. It’s kept this way by strictly advising not to go off path and into the water. It was tempting to swim in but of course I wouldn’t do that.
Crystal clear water dropping from 20 plus metre waterfalls, frogs, dragonflies and birds all living together just as nature intended.
Unfortunately I didn’t see any snakes, bears or wolves but I don’t know how I’d react if I did so maybe that’s a good thing.

The rest of the day was just chilling at camp and cooling down. What a lovely time in Plitvice. I recommend to everyone young and old if you go to Croatia. It would be a shame to miss this natural wonder








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