Sadly, we were leaving Berlin. We all felt quite worse for wear after our pub crawl however for once I couldn’t sleep on the bus. With only a couple of hours sleep under my belt I was struggling but we arrived at a farm just outside of Amsterdam to watch how cheese and clogs are made.
The farmer was absolutely hilarious and kept us entertained. Turns out there are different clogs for different occasions, who would have thought you wear one pair for gardening and another for church.
We all got to try some fresh gouda cheese and many of us bought some, cause we had to! It’s cheese!

We made the short drive to our camp and setup, staying in what I can only describe as an idea created over a few spliffs no doubt. Goats, fresh herbs, and bright colourful cabins. This was such a fun site. If you’re wanting to do the camping thing then Zeeburg is you’re place to go. Close to transport but quiet enough if you do want some peace.
We then left to go do a quick walking tour of the centre and have dinner, however most of us went straight to a coffee shop and I indulged in some Amsterdam green.

We all met up again to go to a live sex show, I wasn’t sure what to expect really however it was a bit more tame that I had imagined. A few of the boys on tour got pulled up on stage and included in acts which was hilarious, nothing like a bit of embarrassment to lighten the mood. But the main act (the actual show) seemed a little disappointing for both involved in my opinion anyway.
Everyone was going off to some clubs or coffee shops after but I headed home. It was pouring with rain and I was soaked through. We made the mission back to the main train station stopping at a febo on the way.
Now febo, if you haven’t heard about it is amazing. Not too sure how fresh all the food really is, but it’s basically hot food in a vending machine. For a couple of euros you can buy a cheeseburger in seconds. Perfect match for a ciry of stoned tourists.

The following day we had a bike tour with Mikes bike tours who took us in small groups on retro looking (they’re all retro looking in the Dam) bikes. Mike was hot pink and aptly named Graeme Norton. We learnt a bit about the history, the best museums to visit, the parks and club spaces. We stopped in Vondelpark and learnt how the hippies in the 60s stayed on and all lived in the park completely legally. They were free to do what they wanted until someone stole milk from a neighbours front step. Don’t ever get in the way of a Dutchmans dairy product.
After the tour ended and we waved goodbye to our bikes (highly recommend this company by the way) we headed off to find some another coffee shop. This time we took it a little easier, it was daylight after all.

We attempted to find Vondelpark again but couldn’t work out the tram system so waited for some friends in the square then did some shopping. Tonight was our last night together as a full group and we were to have a dinner cruise on the canals and a big night out after.

Our dinner cruise was nice, we had a typical barge which was covered to shelter from the wind and they served an Indonesian 3 course meal. The Dutch had dealings with Indonesia back in old trading days and it’s still very popular now.







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