The English Summer by the sea – Newquay, Cornwall

Ahh the English Summertime Some may joke that it doesn’t exist, or there isn’t anywhere to go in Summer however they clearly don’t know anything about Cornwall!

Picture white SANDY beaches, surf beaches, fresh clean air and smiling happy tanned faces.  This is Cornwall, or more specifically Newquay which was the setting of our week long getaway.  I admit, I was skeptical as from what I know of English beaches is they’re not really a beach in my opinion… however I was proven wrong.  There really is sand in England!

754 miles (1213 kms for my metric system friends) approx there and back, it was a long drive.  We set off at 6pm from Yorkshire and were to spend a night in Birmingham to break up the trip.  Plus we weren’t able to check in until normal business hours so this was logical.  When we arrived at Campsite – Trevornick the following morning we found our Eurotent and unpacked as fast as we can.  Some of the others I was with had spent childhood summers at this same site so they were eager to find out what had changed and if it was still as magical as the memories held in their minds.

Now, although I haven’t been much of a camper, I have never come across a campsite complete with an onsite fun park, 3 restaurants/cafes, 2 bars, Arcade, an ice cream parlour and a golf course before so it was a lot to take in.  The fun park is every kids (young and old) dream come true, go karts, bumper boats, mini golf, magic maze, bouncy castles and real live battleships.  Also, plenty for the big kids among us as there were adult go karts etc.  The 18 hole golf course isn’t bad to kill some time either.  We had a light dinner at the takeaways also on site and settled down for the night.  It had been a long day and we were quite tired.

The following day we headed into Newquay to have a look at the shops.  There were a few Pastie shops bragging their the best so I settled for an award winning bakery and made my choice of traditional beef to start off the obsession.  One cannot visit Cornwall and not have their famous Cornish Pastie can they? It also should be followed up with some equally delicious Cornish Clotted Cream Fudge! We then walked to the cliff edge and saw a house on its own island, a quick google told me it was The house in the Sea accessible only via a foot bridge to the mainland.  The property has uninterrupted views out to sea, luxury!!

Back to the campsite, we were heading to one of the on site bars called the Farm Club for drinks.  They have live bands or singers each night but before the “adult time” starts they have children’s entertainment for all ages.  Dancing and singing along, the children have such fun and it’s a great way to include kids while parents have a wind down.  We were amazed by the talented Jamie Gifford who not only belted out the latest Ed Sheeran songs, he was able to do an impressive impersonation of Elvis Presley.  He interacted with the crowd and had a bit of a laugh with us.

The following day, we went to Newquay Zoo.  There were pregnant zebras, soon to be pregnant Penguins (yes… think about it), giant lions and my favourite of all, the pigmy goats.  I also saw animals I hadn’t seen before like Capybara, Kinkajou, Mongoose, Warty Pig and Marmoset.  Great range and well set out similar to Auckland Zoo

The tents were Eurostyle and already setup with everything you need including a TV for those rainy days, yes we had a few of those.  On site washing areas so you don’t always have to eat at the restaurants and plenty of seating for everyone should you go with a large group or make friends with other campers.  I haven’t camped like this before but it took the stress away and annoyance of setting up a tent.

Alas, after a week away it was time to pack up and go.  We had our fun, gained a little from the pasties and fudge and received a nice brown tan.  Another intense drive ahead of us, this time my cousin pulled the long haul and after leaving at 6 we got back just after 1am.

What an awesome holiday, I will be back to Cornwall for sure, its absolutely breathtaking and I have missed the sea.

Little (but expensive) house on the island
Little (but expensive) house on the island
Tasting my first authentic pastie
Tasting my first authentic pastie
My new best friend, a pigmy goat.  He was gorgeous
My new best friend, a pigmy goat. He was gorgeous
Tiny little meerkats
Tiny little meerkats
Who said you can't get a tan in England?
Who said you can’t get a tan in England?

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