Where have I been?

Well its been a while since I’ve really posted anything updating on my life at the moment.

Where have I been? Well in all fairness I’ve been in West Yorkshire working. I have completed 4 weeks working for a lease based travel company doing the post-booking administration side of things. This has involved ensuring travellers have their travel documents, their passports are loaded with the airline and taking any requests to change their bookings. Actually, I’ve done a lot more than just that but you get the jist.

I have recently accepted a role working back in corporate travel for an amazing international company looking after all business travel for a long standing UK company. Corporate travel is my roots in this industry, straight out of travel college I worked for an equally amazing corporate travel company in New Zealand for 3 years and throughly enjoyed it.

Travel agents may argue what kind of industry is better, and truth is, neither is better. Leisure travel is booking dream destinations for holiday makers, where corporate is 99% of the time a business trip. However you may only talk to your leisure travellers once, they might never book a holiday again or do their own bookings. Business travellers get to know you by name and vice versa. They become colleagues just the same as the ones you share your office space with.

So, that is what I have been doing, but where will I go next? Of course my feet are still feeling the tingly pickles to step onto foreign ground. I have caught the bug hard and I want to go explore more of our beautiful world. I do plan on seeing more of the United Kingdom but these can be done in weekend trips away. I am not sure if that will quite satisfy the urge to get out there but it might have to do for now. Long term however I am hoping to still go see Paris, I’m not too fussed if this is later in the year, I’ve heard autumn is absolutely beautiful anyway. I would also love to go back to Prague but maybe for the Christmas Markets, will be a nice way to see what a real winter is all about. Barcelona maybe also on the cards, having not been Spain yet I’m looking forward to it.

Until then, I will try to see more of England so I can tick off some more bucketlist goals. Keep your eyes posted for updates shortly. As they say… watch this space.



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